The future belongs to organizations that meaningfully collaborate with those who share their inspirations. Our practice helps clients do just that.

Our approach is shaped by two decades of working in corporate brand marketing, grassroots organizing and social change, both inside and outside organizations. How we apply it depends on where you are.


Here’s a blueprint of our process, a starting point for organizations big and small, with ambitions both far-reaching and intensely local. We make sure your inspiration and its supporters never leave the picture.


Research + Discovery

Our deep curiosity starts with the work you’ve already done around your inspired ideas. From customized surveys to group workshops, we learn from you. Our questions are informed, focused and imaginative, making best use of everyone’s time.


Exploration + Iteration

We involve your stakeholders and our creative partners early and often, whether the end goal is an inspired manifesto, a brand identity, guiding principles, a movement strategy or a simple communication tool. We prototype, share, listen deeply and revise.

Expanded Communication

Is a launch the big reveal? Or is it a gratifying series of moments when your stakeholders and audiences see their co-creations with you come to life? Or an unexpected blend of both? We work with our creative partners to design and produce the answer.


Here’s how we see you, your inspiration, and your impact.