Over 25 years ago, two sisters worked together in an outdoor company for a short time. They both loved design and communications, and were delighted to play with these toolkits together.

Then life jumped in and their paths diverged. One got deeply involved in the non-profit sector as an advocate and communicator for grassroots community change. The other was immersed in the power of consumer brand marketing, and learned many avenues for inspiring and motivating people – not just for products, but for social change.

Today, the two of us have ended up with an amazing team and network of collaborators who see what we see.

This is our family business now.*


*We think not enough have been run by sisters.


Get to know us


robin abadia

Robin thrives at the intersection of social change and communications.

She has over 20 years of experience in the nonprofit and philanthropic worlds with leadership roles in strategic planning, project design, grant management, evaluation and workshop facilitation. At Conservation International she managed a global network of communications professionals, while launching successful behavior-change campaigns in biodiverse countries. From her early work in documentary filmmaking at National Geographic Television in Los Angeles and North Carolina Public Television, she witnessed the power of storytelling in persuasive communication. More recently, she has helped funders, organizations and boards hone their messages and increase their effectiveness. She graduated magna cum laude from Duke University and has a Master’s degree in Public Communications from American University in Washington D.C.

Want to talk about navigating your public school system? Or raising chickens? Robin’s no rookie.


emily brew
co-founder + chief strategist

Emily works as brew’s chief strategist, specializing in brand strategy as a tool to build movements and drive social change.

Before co-founding brew advisors, Emily was the Brand Creative Director at the Nike Foundation, where she applied her many years of Nike, Inc brand marketing to social change by developing and guiding the Girl Effect. A cum laude graduate of Dartmouth College, Emily holds a graduate degree in Human Rights and Women’s Studies from the University of London. She founded brew with her sister to bring brand thinking’s superpowers to the business of transforming the world.

Want to get pro tips on saving your lunch from a bunch of rhesus monkeys? Ask Emily. (Hint: don’t believe them if it looks like they’re asking nicely. They’re not.)


sarah costello
writer + strategist

Sarah brings her laser intelligence to her storytelling and strategy, finding the emotional edge in the analytical and the other way around.

As a writer and strategist, Sarah helps clients find their stories and bring them into the real world. Sometimes that’s as simple as finding the right words, but it rarely is and that’s fine by Sarah. As a champion for brew’s commitment to making complicated truths accessible and emotionally powerful, Sarah loves the messy and the murky. With over ten years of experience in the non-profit and business sectors, Sarah has called on almost every narrative superpower to bridge the gap between the issues she cares about and the world’s attention span. She holds a Master’s in U.S. History from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and a Bachelors from Reed College.

Need a new TV show? Sarah has the greatest international recs—and you’ve probably never heard of any them.


nadia diboun

Nadia has always been involved in supporting a community—whether in a physical location or a global network—to become better connected and prepared for progress.

After attending the University of Pittsburgh, she began work in the Steel City’s nonprofit community development sector, revitalizing a blighted neighborhood into an arts and design district. Casablanca, Morocco, became the setting of her next chapter, where she taught English for a year before moving to Portland and joining the Girl Effect at the Nike Foundation. Nadia is passionate about human- and community-centered design and believes that the best changes begin with strong relationships and a shared purpose. She joined brew as a producer in June 2017 and is now based in Upstate New York.

Want to learn how to say ‘beauty’ in Amazigh? Or about the implicit feminism and empowerment potential in the natural beauty industry? Nadia would love to tell you.


em gaige
office manager

Em’s deep investment in social justice and systems change brought her to brew—and she’s patiently waited to join the family as we’ve intentionally scaled our work.

Em maintains the health of brew’s environment, from physically ensuring our workspace remains serene and inspiring, to intellectually and emotionally nurturing our organizational culture. She loves making sure all systems are a go so that everyone can do what they love. Her expertise in systems management stems from a rich career in public health, ranging from program evaluation and education, to training and facilitation. At the core of all of Em’s work is an unwavering commitment to equity—especially for the most vulnerable. Whether she’s managing brew or facilitating as a health instructor at Portland Community College, Em works to build a world where everyone can thrive and live their best life. Em graduated with a Master’s of Public Health in Health Management and Policy from from the Oregon Master of Public Health program.

Want to learn to roast coffee, can food, or make soap? Em’s committed to learning a new skill every year—and we can’t keep up!


janna mcdougall

Janna takes her strategic drive and agile mind, honed from years of being a competitive athlete and corporate queen, and unleashes it every day on some of the world’s most intractable problems.

At the heart of Janna’s 15 years of experience as a strategist, researcher & designer in the non-profit & private sectors is a commitment to scaling equity and impact.  Prior to joining brew advisors three years ago, Janna spent five years at Nike, including roles in Strategy for the Apparel business and the Nike Foundation. Janna started her career as a researcher and strategy consultant in Washington DC, Cambodia and Thailand. She earned her Master’s in Public Health from University of North Carolina and her undergraduate degree from Harvard University.

Want tips on helping your kiddos overcome their fears? Or running a relay in the dark? Janna is always down to share what she’s learned. And she’s one of the the biggest learners we know.


meghan o’malley
studio manager

Meghan ignites and nurtures connections and teams at brew like there’s no tomorrow.

In her day-to-day life as a brewmaster, Meghan builds our business intelligence and serves as the connective tissue between all team members and projects. With over 8 years of experience, she’s passionate about managing teams small to large to work towards a shared vision. Having worked in the business sector, including many years at Apple, she’s especially excited to unleash her unique communication and analytical skills for the social good. We’re thrilled that she’s strengthening our tradition of making sister-run businesses a business best practice.

Want to know if your moon is in retrograde? Meghan is about all things “magic” and mysterious.


shannon o’malley
account manager + strategist

Shannon’s career has been driven by social change and global human rights from the very beginning.

From working to prevent human trafficking and child exploitation in Thailand with the SOLD Project to coordinating large-scale, capacity-building initiatives at the Nike Foundation, Shannon has a work ethic that’s all about kicking ass with a smile on her face. She attended the University of Arizona, where she played lacrosse and graduated magna cum laude before pursuing her Master’s in International Relations at the Hult Business School in London. While most people think she joined brew for her love of beer and coffee, she actually joined the team because she sees the opportunity for innovative collaboration between non-profit, corporate, and government sectors.

Want tips on your fantasy football league—or really, anything sports related—Shannon’s your girl.


julia parsley
business manager

Julia makes sure our business operations work as hard and as smart as our brewmasters do each and every day.

Julia came to brew to help scale our work from a family upstart to a full-fledged consultancy. We aren’t her first rodeo. After a rich career in brand management at Nike, Julia co-founded Wildfang, a revolutionary brand that liberated menswear for women while creating a global community. When she’s not relentlessly solving problems at brew, she also spends her time learning the ins and outs of Portland real estate development. That’s her next frontier—but she will always have a seat at our family table. Before coming to Portland to shake things up, Julia graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Denver with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Want to kick-start your personal finance? Ever since Julia made her first $13 babysitting, she’s been obsessed with learning about ways to save, invest, and ethically leverage this made up thing called money.


perrin stewart
co-founder emeritus

Perrin worked at the helm of brew’s business development because making things happen—especially good things—lights her up. From raising her kids to strategic expansion, Perrin loves rolling up her sleeves. She can kind of do anything, and kinda does everything.

After starting her own desktop publishing company with one of the first Apple Macs (remember those?), Perrin was Creative Services Director at The North Face. She later unleashed this skillset in the non-profit sector, where she got direct experience designing and implementing grassroots campaigns. She graduated cum laude from Dartmouth College and holds a Master’s degree in Romanticism from King’s College, University of London. And she founded brew with her sister because she believes in the magic of the brew that comes from bringing good ideas, good work and good people together.

Although Perrin has rotated out of day-to-day operations at brew, she's still our go-to for tips on the best kombucha recipe and sailing sites in the Gorge.


franny suarez  
account associate

Franny powers brew’s mission as an account associate, rolling up her sleeves to get $#!T done in every arena, from client relations to narrative strategy.

Before joining the family, Franny sharpened her chops in Public Relations at Olive Creative Strategies in San Diego. Drawn to brew for our track record in women’s rights, Franny’s career in strategic communications and brand strategy has been driven by purpose from its start. Her experiences teaching English in Nosara, Costa Rica led her to work as a Communications Associate for the Guanacaste Community Fund, a non-profit based in Hojancha, Costa Rica. The growing global swell of purpose-driven profit inspires Franny, who is thrilled to be working for a company that doesn’t put up with biz as usual. Franny also brings to our team her expertise from her BA in International Politics and Economics from Middlebury College.

Want to get pro tips on white water rafting in the Golden State? Franny’s got your back. (Quite literally: she worked as a river guide all through college)


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