A few of our clients,
how they’re changing the world,
and how we’re helping them.


Since 2012, we have supported NoVo in rewriting the narratives surrounding girls and women, worldwide, to serve their mission of fostering a transformation from a world of domination and exploitation to one of collaboration and partnership.

NoVo’s mission directly challenges and reshapes prevailing social norms. We have provided both strategic and communication support in their multi-pronged efforts to do so. Today, that work spans supporting NoVo's own messages, lifting the voices of those most affected by discrimination and violence, providing the research and tools for joined voices, and inspiring the storytelling and creativity of culture-creators across society.

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I Am Why

Young women lead
the way to justice


Since 2016, we have supported the development of I Am Why.

I Am Why brings young women activists together with researchers and other allies to advance a vision of equitable and just systems—connecting the dots between young women’s experiences to concrete policy and practice initiatives. Supporting the strategy, brew helps to identify connections, implement coast-to-coast workshops, develop a set of flexible communications tools and a model for problem-solving that is young woman-centered.  


We are helping the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation update their Guiding Principles to better support their work to build a national movement of a Culture of Health.

For over 40 years, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has been working to improve the health and health care of everyone in America. After a natural evolution towards recognizing that health happens where we live, learn, work and play, the Foundation approached brew to do internal research, workshops and communications to better reflect who they are and what they’re up to.


We are helping Echidna Giving create and sustain their own distinctive voice and point-of-view in their work to get more girls into better schools and live better lives.

Starting with Echidna’s public debut and continuing with ongoing communication efforts, brew helps Echidna join with critical thinkers, innovators, and practitioners to advance girls’ education in the developing world. Through research, team workshops and close collaboration with the Echidna team, brew has helped Echidna articulate and develop their core brand identity, strategy, and tools while remaining true to Echidna’s parameters as a lean start-up foundation.



Our Clients